V1 033 – T34/76 lastavica 101 – 1/72

This vehicle of e Soviet s 15 guard brigade pictured in Baranja Croatia 1944. Soviet units are fighting for a short time in the filed of Srem-Baranja and assist in liberating Yugoslavia of Germans. Symbol 15 guards Brigade is swallow, the vehicle is modified to represent T 34 model 42 with the command cupola. This vehicle is produced in the institution 112. The model manufacturer is Zvezda. In order to obtain a vehicle produced in the Zavod 112 I had to correct the rear end the chassis. I also have to make adjustments and top spinning plates to compress it into the body of the dome. I added an additional commander cupola to turret and was detailed. Wheels are from manufactured Dragon. Caterpillars are the manufacturer of the Zvezda models T 34 Model 85, that they have drilled holes. The gun tube is of Aber, I used Pe sets Part EXTRATECH and Dragon and much scrachbuilding (mounts for extra fuel tanks) Markings swallow and 103 are handmade and spraying using a template.

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