V1 032 – T34/85 Lastavica106 – 1/72

This vehicle of e Soviet s 15th Guards mechanized brigade pictured in Sremska Mitovica in decembrar 1944. Soviet units are fighting for a short time in the field of Srem -Baranja and assist in liberating Yugoslavia from Germans.

The vehicle is modified to represent T 34 model 85 with the early command cupola. This vehicle is produced in the zavod 183 in autum 1944. The model manufacturer is Zvezda. I had to correct the rear end the chassis. Open transmiton hatch is scrach build transmition and scratch engine and scratch front hull escape hatch . In turret I added casting for lower and upper body, and additional openings in the body of the dome. commanders cupola is from Dragon and gun mantlet also, Escape hatches on commander cupola was detailed. The gun tube is of Aber. Transition is scratch build entirely. I used PE sets Part EXTRATECH and ARMORY and much scratch bundling (mounts for extra fuel tanks). Markings swallow and 106 are handmade by white ink.

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