SF 030 – “Grunt trooper from „ Edge of Tommorow“ movie ” – 1/35

This one bring my Imagination in Game,after the movie( Edge of Tomorrow) I decided to build the trooper.

Original one Show himself in movie cca 30 seconds Long.

The base figure is Dragon’s U.S. Marine.

The rest is Scratch:

Whole Exoskelett is build from plastic pieces,Weapon is modificated Heckler und Koch,under armor is simulated with Tamiya tape+2 different grenades. Plenty of different wires and pipes are build on to simulate hidraulics and rest of it.For the base I use spare parts (Tire from Hummer toy,M-16 from Dragon set),and the pipe is Drinking straw.The face mask is Hand painted(after 3 hours).

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