SF 009 – X-Wing – 1/48

Because this kit is planned for a diorama with another X-wing I’ve changed this one in to the RED 2. That of course forced me to change some things. I needed to change the markings and because the other kit was made with decals from the set I decided to paint my and for the damage on them I used AK-Interactiv’s Worn Effect and Heavy Chipping fluids.
I also needed to change the engine nozzles for shorter ones and I’ve repainted the droid for R2-D1 (red version). Inside the cockpit I added some hoses so it would look more like in the movie. As for the canopy I wanted it to like in the movie shots from the inside which clearly showed it was tined and for that I used Tamiya’s Smoke paint. Last thing was making the damage and weathering to look as similar as in the movie.

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