PA 002 – Wizard-Eyes Castle – 1/150

This is a hotel scale model for outside of Yangon City near mountain range, Myanmar.

To attract potential guests from densely populated city, it needs more attracting design and scenery.

The hotel has many black windows, so it looks like wizard eyes and labyrinth. It means we live and struggle between the eyes of a complex world. But when the guests come and relax in this hotel, all stress will disappear as it is taken.

This paper scale model is the combination of Mandalay Palace Wall and Disney castle roof. The creation of many windows is to know the feeling of luxury for the natural world view.

The challenge that comes with this hotel lies in the visiting the outside of building – veranda because there are many amazing veranda and ladders.

One of the important requirements for this hotel model was to install lighting. When the lights are installed interior and all windows, it looks like real wizard eyes in night.

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