IPMS Croatia Group Build & Online Competition “North Africa 1940-1943”

With 80th anniversary of start of North African campaign approaching and with wonderful Afrika themed models you already sent us, we decided to continue our online story with a new type of project – combination of traditional group build and our online competition.

For a long time North African battlefield has been a point of interest in IPMS Croatia members. So without further ado, IPMS Croatia is proud to announce Group Build & Online Competition – North Africa 1940-1943!

Group Build rules are simple:

  • free for all (IPMS members, other club members or individuals)
  • covers time frame from 10th of June 1940 to 13th of May 1943 (start of Western Desert Campaign up to surrender of Axis forces in Tunisia)
  • new (unbuilt) and in progress models can qualify for group build participation
  • you can build any type of equipment used by Armies in this conflict (tanks, afvs, planes, ships, armed trucks, trucks, jeeps, artillery, infantry or something else). If you are unsure if your model is suitable, drop us an email.
  • Group build will run from 01.06 (1st of June) to 01.07.2020 (1st of July)
  • send us pictures and stories of your in progress or finished models at ipmscroatia@gmail.com

After the completion of Group Build, phase 2 begins – Online competition.

Online competition Rules:

  • free for all (IPMS members, other club members or individuals)
  • simple online application via email
  • models built during the group build are eligible for competition with previous finished works
  • Online competition date: 01.07 (1st of July) to 15.07.2020 (15th of July)

Further information on online competition will be provided in the following days on IPMS Croatia web page.

There is wide selection of kits in all popular scales so there shouldn’t be a problem what kit to choose but what subject to pick.

Looking forward to hearing from you, but most importantly – enjoy in our wonderful hobby! Build and share your progress with us.8

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