FG 008 – CHARGE – 54 mm

To build up this scene, I started from the central figure: the officer. General Custer’s horse (metal) is from Andrea Miniaturas, which I slightly. The other two steeds are from Historex, upon which some 2mm thickness were added. Horses’ heads were produced by a friend of mine, Mr Iotti. Saddlery, harness and equipment were scratchbuild by using Magic Sculpt. Figures were made using many spare parts. Heads are from Nemrod, heavily modified (moustache, beard, some anatomical profiles, etc.). To model the bodies, I started from a metal wire skeleton and using A+B putty, Magic Sculpt and Duro (as shown in the pictures). In some parts I modified some anatomical sections by using some spare parts from other figures. In some cases I had to mix the three products. That resulted in a general slow down of the drying time, allowing me to model the parts for a longer time. The percentage is subjective and depends on the time the modeller desires it to dry up. It must be valued at the author’s discretion. A specific note must be reserved for the fourth figure: the fallen Confederate. The figure is from Verlinden but was slightly modified to be harmoniously presented on the ground. Regarding the base, the ground was made using putty and by the insertion of some elements (stones, trunks, etc.) coming from Mother Nature herself. The grass instead is artificial.

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