D1 008 – T34/85 Libertas – 1/72

This vehicle belongs of Croatian 163 Brigade and is pictured in Dubrovnik in 1992. Vehicle is captured on 30.05.1992. by special police unit of Croatian army.

The vehicle is curios mix modified to represent T 34 model 85 with the early command cupola. Cupola is specific, casted from 8 parts produced in zavod 112 in 1944. Cupola also lac of bulge for electric travers, gun mantel is also modified to represent correct one. The hull is produced in zavod 174, vehicle is modified to Yugoslav army standards in 1960 whit more powerful engine, new road wheels (which y modified from T55 tank) Model manufacturer is Zvezda. I had to correct the rear end the hull. Open transmiton hatch is scratch transmtion is full scratch building.

In turret I added casting for 8 parts, ad handles to represent Yugo wehicle and a carrier for 12,7 mm browning gun Escape hatches on commander cupola was detailed. Caterpillars are the manufacturer of the Zvezda models and ,that I have drilled holes verticality and horizontally. The gun barrel is from Aber. Transition is scratch build entirely I used PE sets Part EXTRATECH and ARMORY and much scratch bundling (mounts for extra fuel tanks) Markings are handmade by white ink.

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