08.-09.02.2020. – 4. Steirische Modellbautage – Wettmannstatten

The beginning of the competition season in 2020., the members of IPMS Croatia and HUVM started on “4. Steirische Modellbautage “which is organized by our friends from Modellbauclub” Die Sterrer “in Wettmannstatten near Graz.

Part of the atmosphere from the competition hall….

Model Shops….

This year, IPMS Croatia and HUVM participated on 4th Steirische Modellbautage with two exhibition tables….

Members of IPMS Croatia and HUVM, conducted two workshops called “Cube workshop”

At the end of the first day, the members of the club took a well-deserved break in Graz…..

with the inevitable Ritual „Apfelstrudel und Kaffee“.

Another day and another series of workshops….

Big surprise for the members of IPMS Croatia and HUVM prepared the Mayor of Wettmannstatten who visit our exhibition tables….

After work morning…..noon break on the sunny school terrace ….

After the break, the other part of the team joined us……

They returned from a traditional train show. They say it was great.

The announcement of the best works started late in the afternoon….

IPMS Croatia and HUVM members won 4 medals and one special award….

Thank you all and see you soon in Zagreb!!!

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